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  • Don't be Afraid of STUN GUNS

    Many people fear stun guns mainly because of the fear of being electrocuted or incapacitated. As you know people usually fear the “shock,” even if they have never had any experience with it. However, this fear of being shocked or electrocuted is valid because, let’s face it, being electrocuted hurts. What those fearing stun guns don’t know, is that a stun gun’s electricity is not lethal.


    What about stun guns with millions of volts? These are also non-lethal. Keep in mind it is the amperage that can kill a person, not the voltage. The fact that a stun gun, uses less than 5 milliamps, means that it is non-lethal. What this means is that there is no need to fear stun guns, only if you are on the opposite end of one.




    Once you have made a decision to buy a stun gun, determine the model you would like to buy as there are many styles, colors, sizes and voltages of stun guns in the market. Look for a stun gun that will suit your needs to enjoy its benefits.

    Lip Stick Stun Gun Light Black

    For instance, a smaller stun gun is often ideal for those with small hands. On the other hand, a stun baton which is larger is ideal for a person working as a security guard at a place such as a nightclub. If you would like to conceal your stun gun, there are models disguised as flashlights or cell phones – makes perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas.


    For a stun gun to work effectively it has to be used in the right areas. At this point, I am sure that you no longer fear stun guns and you are able to confidently choose a model that will suit your needs. However, how are you supposed to use a stun gun as a defense weapon?


    3 Step Lesson on How to Use a Stun Gun

    Lesson 1   

    Never go to places or put yourself in a situation you cannot handle. Basically, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your stun gun in a place where it can be easily accessed – a purse, bag, pocket, etc. Train ahead of time on how to access your stun gun and be familiar with the location of the “stun” feature – dependent on the type of stun gun you have. Also, train on deploying the stun gun from your choice of concealed area. Military, Fire, and Police train on accessing their tools at the right place, right time, when needed. So should you!


    For instance, hold your stun gun in places such as a parking garage, a mall parking lot or when walking in places where you are alone. When a criminal sees a person who is alert of their surroundings, with a stun gun in his or her hand, they will think twice about victimizing you and look for another opportunity.


    Lesson 2 

    In case you are approached. Quickly remove your stun gun from concealment and access the stun feature. Activate your stun gun’s trigger – the sound alone will scare the attacker in their tracks. If your attacker is still a threat and attempts to attacks you, target the attacker’s face, arms, hands, or any other large muscle groups of the body with your stun gun. Don’t limit yourself to just using the stun gun, at the same time, you can attack the criminal with your hands (punches), feet (kicks), and voice. CAUTION: Some clothing may prevent or minimize a stun gun “shock” from being felt. Again, if this is the case in your situation, target bare skin areas: face, hands, arms, etc.


    Keep in mind that you need to make a decision quickly when attacked and you have to stun a body part of the attacker as soon as possible and you need to make an attacker fall as soon as possible.


    You should also hold your stun gun on the attacker for a longer period of time as the longer you hold it, the longer and more effective the stunning will be. Holding your stun gun for 1-2 seconds will get an attacker’s attention. 3-5 seconds will get an attacker’s attention, most likely bring an attacker down and confuse the attacker.


    Lesson 3      

    Take quick and detailed mental notes of the attacker and run away. Get help as soon as you can – call 911. If you have stunned the attacker long enough to drop him or her to the ground, it is very likely that it will take some time for him or her to run off. So, take mental notes to enable you to give the police some details about the attacker.


    Some people out there believe that it is too late to call the police when an attacker runs off. However, it isn’t. The attacker will most likely do it again. And if you don’t report it, you cannot warn others and the next person might not be as prepared as you.


    If you feel this article has helped you know how to use a stun gun in the best way. Pass it on to others because the more people we empower, the safer our world will be.


    Stun Gun Effect and Use

    A stun gun is a non-lethal option (see your local and state laws regarding legality) Electronic Immobilization Device (EID) which produces a shock that has a high voltage. Applying a stun gun to an attacker can immobilize him or her for many minutes but doesn’t leave any permanent damage.


    Stun guns don’t often rely on high amperage to be effective. They are designed to key into the nervous system and causing an interruption to the neurological impulses which travel through the whole body and instantly burn blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid similar to that of vigorous exercise.


    The EID overwhelms and controls the neuromuscular system of an attacker leading to disorientation and loss of balance and voluntary muscle movement. If you happen to touch your attacker while deploying your stun gun, no current will pass through your system. The shock feature of a stun gun delivers the shock between the probes of the stun gun itself.


    If an EID is used in combination with a Pepper Spray, then it is good to use a non-flammable EID compatible spray such as Wildfire Brands or Pepper shot.


    Our BLOG is updated monthly and is a wealth of information covering tips and information you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

    Gatekeeper Safety is an independent distributor of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products.

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