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  • Top 3 Personal Safety Items For Jogging

    In terms of the crimes that occur in the United States, the statistics are overwhelming. Violent crime takes place every 22.2 seconds in the U.S.  Forcible rape happens every 5.7 minutes.  That is why it is so important for anyone who enjoys jogging, riding their bike or walking to protect themselves from these vicious crimes.  There are so many different ways that an individual can enjoy their activities and ensure their safety at the same time.  We have listed the top 3 personal safety items for jogging.

    Pepper Spray

    Mace Pink Pepper Spray Mace pink pepper spray keeps the attackers at bay

    Pepper spray and mace are things that people can use to keep safe while they are outdoors enjoying themselves.  For the assailant, pepper spray is non-lethal; however it will very quickly prevent them from hurting you.  When it is sprayed into som

    ebody's eyes it can be very painful.  It can cause swelling, a burning sensation and even temporary blindness.  If the pepper spray is inhaled by the assailant, they might start choking.  Mace is another excellent method for staying safe.  It can cause your assailant temporary pain, and give you enough time to escape and get some help.




    Electronic Dog Repeller


    Dogs can cause a lot of damage while you are riding your bike, jogging or walking.  You can use an electronic dog repeller to keep yourself safe.  An extremely high frequency sound is emitted by the device that only dogs can hear.  It is very discomforting but does not harm them.  There is a bright LED flashing light on the electronic dog chaser that will blind a dog temporarily and confuse them as well.  That gives you time to safely get away.


    Stun Gunsrunt-pink_e


    An attacker can be put down very quickly by using a stun gun.  The guns emit an electrical shock into a person's body and they will be instantly brought to their knees.  After an assailant is zapped with a stun gun, he will temporarily be unable to move and will cause him a lot of pain.  It might work to just touch the assailant with your stun gun just once.  However, if they are on their feet still you should stun them again, and continue to do it until they are no longer a threat to you.


    A majority of states don't require a license for using stun guns, pepper spray or other types of self-defense devices.  Check with your local laws. Those tools can be quite effective in ensuring your safety as you are enjoying yourself outdoors.


    Being able to get away is good, but what is even better is having the peace of mind when you know you can protect yourself against an attacker.  So whether you are being attacked by a dog or another person, you are fully covered by Gatekeeper Safety’s products.   In terms of protecting yourself, we carry many different effective options for you to choose from.  Check out our extensive selection of Electronic Dog Repeller, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and Mace.  Visit www.gatekeepersafety.com.

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