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  • Don't be Afraid of STUN GUNS

    Many people fear stun guns mainly because of the fear of being electrocuted or incapacitated. As you know people usually fear the “shock,” even if they have never had any experience with it. However, this fear of being shocked or electrocuted is valid because, let’s face it, being electrocuted hurts. What those fearing stun guns don’t know, is that a stun gun’s electricity is not lethal.


    What about stun guns with millions of volts? These are also non-lethal. Keep in mind it is the amperage that can kill a person, not the voltage. The fact that a stun gun, uses less than 5 milliamps, means that it is non-lethal. What this means is that there is no need to fear stun guns, only if you are on the opposite end of one.




    Once you have made a decision to buy a stun gun, determine the model you would like to buy as there are many styles, colors, sizes and voltages of stun guns in the market. Look for a stun gun that will suit your needs to enjoy its benefits.

    Lip Stick Stun Gun Light Black

    For instance, a smaller stun gun is often ideal for those with small hands. On the other hand, a stun baton which is larger is ideal for a person working as a security guard at a place such as a nightclub. If you would like to conceal your stun gun, there are models disguised as flashlights or cell phones – makes perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas.


    For a stun gun to work effectively it has to be used in the right areas. At this point, I am sure that you no longer fear stun guns and you are able to confidently choose a model that will suit your needs. However, how are you supposed to use a stun gun as a defense weapon?


    3 Step Lesson on How to Use a Stun Gun

    Lesson 1   

    Never go to places or put yourself in a situation you cannot handle. Basically, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your stun gun in a place where it can be easily accessed – a purse, bag, pocket, etc. Train ahead of time on how to access your stun gun and be familiar with the location of the “stun” feature – dependent on the type of stun gun you have. Also, train on deploying the stun gun from your choice of concealed area. Military, Fire, and Police train on accessing their tools at the right place, right time, when needed. So should you!


    For instance, hold your stun gun in places such as a parking garage, a mall parking lot or when walking in places where you are alone. When a criminal sees a person who is alert of their surroundings, with a stun gun in his or her hand, they will think twice about victimizing you and look for another opportunity.


    Lesson 2 

    In case you are approached. Quickly remove your stun gun from concealment and access the stun feature. Activate your stun gun’s trigger – the sound alone will scare the attacker in their tracks. If your attacker is still a threat and attempts to attacks you, target the attacker’s face, arms, hands, or any other large muscle groups of the body with your stun gun. Don’t limit yourself to just using the stun gun, at the same time, you can attack the criminal with your hands (punches), feet (kicks), and voice. CAUTION: Some clothing may prevent or minimize a stun gun “shock” from being felt. Again, if this is the case in your situation, target bare skin areas: face, hands, arms, etc.


    Keep in mind that you need to make a decision quickly when attacked and you have to stun a body part of the attacker as soon as possible and you need to make an attacker fall as soon as possible.


    You should also hold your stun gun on the attacker for a longer period of time as the longer you hold it, the longer and more effective the stunning will be. Holding your stun gun for 1-2 seconds will get an attacker’s attention. 3-5 seconds will get an attacker’s attention, most likely bring an attacker down and confuse the attacker.


    Lesson 3      

    Take quick and detailed mental notes of the attacker and run away. Get help as soon as you can – call 911. If you have stunned the attacker long enough to drop him or her to the ground, it is very likely that it will take some time for him or her to run off. So, take mental notes to enable you to give the police some details about the attacker.


    Some people out there believe that it is too late to call the police when an attacker runs off. However, it isn’t. The attacker will most likely do it again. And if you don’t report it, you cannot warn others and the next person might not be as prepared as you.


    If you feel this article has helped you know how to use a stun gun in the best way. Pass it on to others because the more people we empower, the safer our world will be.


    Stun Gun Effect and Use

    A stun gun is a non-lethal option (see your local and state laws regarding legality) Electronic Immobilization Device (EID) which produces a shock that has a high voltage. Applying a stun gun to an attacker can immobilize him or her for many minutes but doesn’t leave any permanent damage.


    Stun guns don’t often rely on high amperage to be effective. They are designed to key into the nervous system and causing an interruption to the neurological impulses which travel through the whole body and instantly burn blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid similar to that of vigorous exercise.


    The EID overwhelms and controls the neuromuscular system of an attacker leading to disorientation and loss of balance and voluntary muscle movement. If you happen to touch your attacker while deploying your stun gun, no current will pass through your system. The shock feature of a stun gun delivers the shock between the probes of the stun gun itself.


    If an EID is used in combination with a Pepper Spray, then it is good to use a non-flammable EID compatible spray such as Wildfire Brands or Pepper shot.


    Our BLOG is updated monthly and is a wealth of information covering tips and information you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

    Gatekeeper Safety is an independent distributor of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products.

  • Keep Deliveries Safe This Season

    During the Christmas Season, online shopping has become increasingly popular, especially when sending gifts to loved ones far away. Packages left on porches or by front doors have become a popular target for thieves.

    Gatekeeper Safety has some tips to help you discourage these gift Grinches:

    • Have your packages delivered to a location where someone can receive them in-person (friend, relative, neighbor, work, etc.) Ask a neighbor or relative who is usually home, or have packages delivered to your workplace, if your employer allows it.

    • Encourage your neighbors to be watchful for deliveries and agree to secure each other’s packages after delivery. This includes being on the lookout for any strangers who are going onto porches, or following delivery trucks.

    • Ask the shipper to hold your package at their facility—most shipping companies offer this service.

    • Track deliveries online. Many companies can send a text notification to your cellphone when a package has been delivered.

    • Request a signature confirmation of delivery.

    • Insure valuable items.

    • Provide delivery instructions to leave packages out of sight from the street.

    • Consider installing a camera surveillance system. Many cameras include features, such as high-definition resolution and saved images, that can help law enforcement should an incident occur. There are several cost-effective cameras that are motion-activated and allow you two-way communication with anyone observed within the “motion” zone via an app that you can easily install on your cell phone.

    If you discover that your package has been stolen, call your local police department’s non-emergency number to report it.

    If the crime is in progress, call 911 immediately and do not approach the suspect.

    Our BLOG is updated monthly and is a wealth of information covering tips and information you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

    Gatekeeper Safety is an independent distributor of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products.

  • Don't underestimate techniques learned in Jiu-Jitsu!

    Don't underestimate techniques learned in Jiu-Jitsu!



    Here Rener Gracie demonstrates the effectiveness of jiu jitsu against a much younger and stronger opponent. Rener also has one of his students, a smaller sized individual (Brian Ortega) who also demonstrates the effectiveness of jiu jitsu. Granted both Rener and Brian are masters in their art, it still doesn not discount the effectiveness of their technique. For those of you who follow MMA or practice jiu jitsu just for fun, this is old news as evidenced in the popularity of this growing martial art.

    So if you are thinking about Personal Safety and Self Defense, I highly recommend the "gentle art" of jiu-jitsu. Many schools offer free classes for you to try out. I am not a Gracie student, but know many who are and really enjoy the instruction. Thank you Gracie's for bringing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the world!

    So get out there and check out a jiu jitsu school near you!

  • Top 3 Personal Safety Items For Jogging

    In terms of the crimes that occur in the United States, the statistics are overwhelming. Violent crime takes place every 22.2 seconds in the U.S.  Forcible rape happens every 5.7 minutes.  That is why it is so important for anyone who enjoys jogging, riding their bike or walking to protect themselves from these vicious crimes.  There are so many different ways that an individual can enjoy their activities and ensure their safety at the same time.  We have listed the top 3 personal safety items for jogging.

    Pepper Spray

    Mace Pink Pepper Spray Mace pink pepper spray keeps the attackers at bay

    Pepper spray and mace are things that people can use to keep safe while they are outdoors enjoying themselves.  For the assailant, pepper spray is non-lethal; however it will very quickly prevent them from hurting you.  When it is sprayed into som

    ebody's eyes it can be very painful.  It can cause swelling, a burning sensation and even temporary blindness.  If the pepper spray is inhaled by the assailant, they might start choking.  Mace is another excellent method for staying safe.  It can cause your assailant temporary pain, and give you enough time to escape and get some help.




    Electronic Dog Repeller


    Dogs can cause a lot of damage while you are riding your bike, jogging or walking.  You can use an electronic dog repeller to keep yourself safe.  An extremely high frequency sound is emitted by the device that only dogs can hear.  It is very discomforting but does not harm them.  There is a bright LED flashing light on the electronic dog chaser that will blind a dog temporarily and confuse them as well.  That gives you time to safely get away.


    Stun Gunsrunt-pink_e


    An attacker can be put down very quickly by using a stun gun.  The guns emit an electrical shock into a person's body and they will be instantly brought to their knees.  After an assailant is zapped with a stun gun, he will temporarily be unable to move and will cause him a lot of pain.  It might work to just touch the assailant with your stun gun just once.  However, if they are on their feet still you should stun them again, and continue to do it until they are no longer a threat to you.


    A majority of states don't require a license for using stun guns, pepper spray or other types of self-defense devices.  Check with your local laws. Those tools can be quite effective in ensuring your safety as you are enjoying yourself outdoors.


    Being able to get away is good, but what is even better is having the peace of mind when you know you can protect yourself against an attacker.  So whether you are being attacked by a dog or another person, you are fully covered by Gatekeeper Safety’s products.   In terms of protecting yourself, we carry many different effective options for you to choose from.  Check out our extensive selection of Electronic Dog Repeller, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and Mace.  Visit www.gatekeepersafety.com.

  • Comparing a Switchblade with an AO Knife

    You might believe that an assisted open knife (which is often referred to as an AO knife) and a switchblade are the same thing. However, they are actually very different. In the United States, a switchblade is considered to be illegal and is viewed as an "automatic opening" knife. A switchblade opens by a spring that is released via a button that is on the handle of the knife. Despite the fact that that during the 1950s they were romanticized, the 1958 U.S. Switchblade Act outlawed them. Even a majority of military and police organizations have been moving towards assisted opening knives and moving away from the true "automatic" knife.

    It is illegal to carry a switchblade under the 1958 law. However, it is not illegal to carry an assisted opening knife. In addition to their legal differences, an assisted opening knife works in a very different way than a switchblade. There are two categories of switchblades: out of the side and out of the front. The switchblade is usually double sided, while an AO knife only opens from the side and the knife is blunt.

    As mentioned previously, a switchblade also comes with a trigger release button for opening the blade via an "always on" spring. What the means is that the blade fully releases as soon as you press the release button. An assisted opening knife just has a button designed for starting the blade that opens from the handle. To open the knife, the user must complete the motion. The blade itself isn't under continuous tension the way a switchblade is. One or maybe two contortion bars hold it in place. So an AO knife doesn't pop open the way a switchblade does. On the other hand, an AO blade is opened by the user at around 45 degrees before the opening process is finished by the internal mechanism.

    Switchblades, which have been portrayed widely in film, have become very popular. They soon became associated with gangs and street crime and were outlawed very quickly. On the other hand, assisted opening knives are legal to carry and own in Canada and the United States. They are especially popular with "first responders" such as fire fighters and police as well as outdoorsmen. An assisted opening knife can be used in self-defense as well.

    Here are some steps you can take to keep an Assisted Opening Knife free of rust.

    1. Stainless steel is not the same thing as "never rust." An assisted opening knife might come with a stainless steel blade, however it might contain carbon still which can possibly rust.

    2. The best thing you can do to reduce the chances of the blade rusting is to ensure that you dry the blade anytime it gets wet. Rust on metal is caused by moisture. That is particularly important before storing your knife for long periods of time in between using it.

    3. Finally, the best form of long term insurance for a corrosion-proof and rust-proof knife is to keep the blade coated with oil.

    Keep in mind that all of the other metal parts on the knife are susceptible to rust as well. So make sure you care for the whole knife and not just its blade.

  • Cell Phone Stun Guns - Electrifying Self Defense Tool

    Cell Phone Stun Guns
    Offer Self Defense That Is Electrifying


    Think about all of the creative ideas that you and members of your family are exposed to on a daily basis.  You most likely looked at some of these and wondered why you hadn't thought of them.  For example, let's consider cell phone stun guns.  They are such a cool idea!  Talk about surprising a criminal whenever they are trying to attack or mug you.  These cell phones will send 12 million volts into him, talk about an electrifying self defense tool.  He won't have any idea what hit him - literally.  First of all, he will see that you are holding a cell phone.  Then the next thing he knows, he will be laying on the ground completely immobilized.  At first he might not realize where he is, but soon enough he will start to become aware.


    Cell Phone 4Now think back to when you were at a mall the last time.  How many cell phones were hanging off of shopper’s belts as they were shopping?  Well, maybe you don't remember a thing like
    that.  However, people do have clips and holsters that they use for attaching their cell phones to.  So just how many of the cell phones that you have seen hanging off the belts of shoppers do you actually think are real?  Do you think all of them are?  Maybe they are, but you won't ever know for sure by just glancing at them.


    Can I Use The Phone To Make Calls?  


    Well, you can put the phone up to your ear and talk to yourself.  However, as far as having a real conversation with another person, it won't happen.  It won't happen for someone who steals your cell phone from you either.  Boy will they be surprised.  You can be comforted in knowing that its tactical design makes it so no one will know that it's a cell phone stun gun.  After all, what is really important is your safety.  There are so many people that assume that some kind of safety device isn't necessary.  However, that is completely untrue.  You just have one life to live, so it is necessary to protect it by any means necessary that you can find.  Don't have the attitude of those things might happen to other individuals but not me, since that is how those other individuals end up getting hurt in the first place.


    Who Should Have a Cell Phone Stun Gun?


    The first thing you need to remember is that cell phone stun guns and certain other self-Cell Phone 2defense items need to kept away from small children.  It is something they could end up hurti
    ng themselves with or somebody else.  However, as far as anyone else, it is a very good idea to have one.  You don't want to be that innocent individual walking alone after work to your car at night who ends up being attacked by a dangerous psychotic.  You should have some kind of self-defense device with you any time that you are alone.


    So think of this as preaching at you, but instead consider it as thoughts coming from someone who is concerned with another person's safety.  Being aware of what your surroundings are at all times and looking out for one another will help to increase your chances of staying safe.  Don't be the person who gets caught without having some type of protection with you.

    Click here for more information on our Cell Phone Stun Gun.

    Our BLOG is updated monthly and is a wealth of information covering tips and information you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

    Gatekeeper Safety is an independent distributor of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products.

  • All You Need To Know About Wireless Motion Sensors

    Wireless Motion Sensors


    Many homeowners today prefer being alerted when someone enters their properties through the driveway. It is for this reason that driveway alarms have become popular home security systems. In this article, we’ll be looking at, and discussing one of the top driveway alarms in the market – Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert by Homesafe.


    Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert is one of the more popular driveway security systems in the market. The interesting thing about this system is that it only takes seconds, a 9V and 3 “C” batteries to set up. All one needs to do is to place the system’s weatherproof transmitter outside their home to a distance of up to 400 ft. away from the receiver.


    Once installed, the Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert works by sensing any approaching vehicle or person before sending an alert to the receiver using infrared motion detection technology. The great thing about Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert is that you can use it to detect visitors or even intruders and can be used in your garage, driveway, and in your mailbox or on any part of your property that you want to monitor. This security system can also serve as a perimeter control element, allowing you to know when people enter certain areas of your home like in your backyard, tool shed or even swimming pool.


    Once the system detects any movement, it sets off the alarm. The good thing is that it also comes with a chime mode that can effectively alert you when something is not right or when a child leaves the home. Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert can also be used as an alerting system for store owners when clients arrive. With this system, you can also monitor the movements of almost anyone within your property or assets. If you want, you can use more than 1 unit in a single location. However, it is important to note that a single receiver will only work with one sensor.


    The Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert system is an easy to install and highly effective portable security system that can be used wherever one wants – in apartments, homes, boats, trailers, motor homes, driveways, attics, hotels etcetera.


    Motion Sensor 2

    Wireless Safety and Driveway Patrol Alert Features:


    • PIR Wireless receiver and sensor
    • Wireless Radio Frequency transmission up to 400 feet
    • A PIR Sensor that detects motion before triggering the receiver to turn on the chime or alarm
    • Hi or Low sound switch
    • Chime/Alarm/Off switch
    • 9V PIR wireless sensor battery (not included)
    • 3C receiver batteries (not included)
    • Battery low LED indicator on both the receiver and transmitter
    • DC adapter compatibility – for receiver unit (adapter not included)
    • Easy installation
    • No wiring needed
    • Water resistant PIR wireless sensor
    • Trigger flash LED
  • Pool Protector Pool Alarm

    Pool Alarm Box Pool Protector Pool Alarm


    Pool season is rapidly approaching for most of the region in the United States. This means that lots of people regardless of where they come from will be enjoying their summer time in their pools. Sadly, pools are not a hundred percent safe. According to research, at least 900 children lose their lives as a result of drowning, especially in their own family swimming pools.


    Even though a pool alarm is not a substitute for being extremely vigilant on the part of the parent and any other caregivers, it is still quite important. It is one of the tools you should absolutely have in your pool for the protection of your children and loved ones.


    A good example of a good pool alarm system is our Pool Protector Pool Alarm. This alarm has two main components namely the sensor and the receiver. The sensor is a unit that usually rests on one side of the pool and extends into the water. One the other hand, the receiver may be placed anywhere within at least 200 feet of the sensor. You can place it in your kitchen or living room.


    Pool Protector Pool Alarm Saves Lives!


    When the sensor is activated, the receiver will produce an alarm that will be loud enough to get the attention of anyone in the vicinity. The alarm will also be produced at the sensor unit thus the sound will be doubled ensuring that anyone who may be outside will hear the alarm too.


    The benefit of a sensor is that once it has been installed, it is impossible to deactivate it. When people are using the pool, you may use the sleep button which will deactivate the alarm system momentarily till you are not using the pool anymore. If the sensor unit does not detect any movement in the pool, it will automatically turn the sensor back on.


    The sensor will also detect if someone attempts to deactivate it. The alarm will go off and any person in the vicinity will be alerted. It has become an issue when kids from the neighborhood sneak into your home and use your pool when you are away. For this case, this will not be happening. It will also protect those walking alongside the pool if they fall in.


    Click here for more information on our Pool Protector Pool Alarm.

    Our BLOG is updated monthly and is a wealth of information covering tips and information you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

    Gatekeeper Safety is an independent distributor of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products.

  • Wildfire Pepper Spray



    There are many different types of non-lethal self-defense products in the world. Almost all of them started off being used by military or police agencies throughout the world and are still used by them. If it is good enough for them maybe you should give it some consideration for you and your family. Wildfire Pepper Spray are amongst the most popular. They use Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which comes from cayenne pepper. Their measure of 'hotness' is Scoville Heat Units (SHU's) and almost all are in the 2 million range. A habanero pepper by comparison has 300,000 SHU's.


    A blast of pepper spray in the face of an attacker from a pepper spray canister causes shortness of breath, temporary blindness from the eyes actually closing, choking and coughing. Not to mention the intense temporary pain.


    Wildfire Pepper Spray is one of only a handful of pepper sprays that are above the 10% level. It comes in at a whopping 18% making it one of the strongest pepper sprays in the market. It registers a very powerful three million Scoville Heat Units-SHU's.


    WildfirWILDIFRE KC LEATHERe Pepper Spray comes in five sizes: 1/2 ounce, 1.5 ounce, 4 ounces, 9 ounces and 1lb. They range from purse and keychain size to hefty Bounty Hunter type canisters with a pistol grip. The sizes are amongst the widest variety in the industry. There's bound to be one perfect for your needs.

     WF 4 oz PPR 3

    Wildfire Pepper Spray is nasty stuff. It is perfect for home, auto, RV's, outdoor or business use. It could be your first and last line of defense in an assault situation.



    Please Note that even though pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some states and cities have restrictions. Check with your local police department for pepper spray laws and pepper spray use. Literally thousands of police departments carry and use pepper spray. WHY WOULDN'T YOU?


    Gatekeeper Safety is your one stop resource that provides solutions and answers for all your self-defense and home security needs.


    Get yourself a HIDDEN SPY CAMERA and find out what is going on when you are not there.

  • Crime On The Rise!

    Crime On The Rise

    Home invasions and home burglaries have increased tremendously over the last few years resulting in Crime On The Rise. Many people think the increase incidence of burglaries is because of the economy. Others think the increase is due to lax laws concerning theft. No matter the reason behind the increased risk of theft, homeowners need to find ways to protect themselves and their belongings. When times are hard,
    people will do desperate things to provide for themselves and their families. Because a home robbery is an easy crime to commit and the risk of getting caught is minimal, desperate people often resort to theft.


    Did you know that Phoenix, Arizona is known as the kidnapping capital of the world? Additionally, home invasions and home burglaries in this area are rapidly increasing as well. One of the primary reasons that burglaries and home invasions have become so prevalent in this area is due to the drug corridor that runs from Arizona to Mexico. This corridor includes parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.


    Robber - kittijaroon

    Hidden security cameras installed in a home in Suffolk, Virginia helped catch a criminal in the act of committing a burglary. The police used footage from the security cameras to identify one of the thieves and he was charged with burglary. The other suspect involved in the theft has not been identified; however, the homeowners got their belongings back and very little damage was done to their home.


    When a home is robbed, an average of $1,600 worth of valuables is taken from the home. Additionally, approximately $1,600 worth of damages is done to the home. This can be devastating to many homeowners. Additionally, a home burglary can cause psychological damage and the victims can feel violated.


    The home in Virginia that was robbed had hidden cameras indoors. Because of these hidden cameras, images of the burglars were caught from several different angles. Law enforcement officials recommend installing hidden cameras near your front door and your back door. This way, you will be able to film the burglar no matter which door they use.


    Additionally, placing a security camera outside in a visible location at your front and back doors will help deter criminals from committing a home burglary or home invasion.

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